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We provide a variety of services to help keep your business moving into the future.
Managed IT Services
SC Upstate I.T. is an Information Technology Company located in Greenville, South Carolina that brings affordable and trustworthy computer services to the Upstate and surrounding areas. SC Upstate I.T. is an outside I.T. company that you can rely on; we want to help your business grow. Our goal is to help reduce the headache and cost of all of our client’s technology needs. Our technicians at SC Upstate I.T. make us stand out above our competition. We pride ourselves in ensuring the highest quality customer service made possible because we love what we do!
VOIP Services
SC Upstate IT provides business phone systems for businesses just like yours. From 2 to 800 office phones and more, we are your source for full featured systems at the best prices. We have a broad range of service options, including technical support 24/7. We provide your business telephone system updates, product offers, and a reliable VoIP Phone System to keep your business running efficiently, including all calling features. Contact us today for more information!
Security System Solutions
Throughout the Upstate, many people choose us for Security Camera Solutions. We offer professional, residential, and commercial Security Camera Installations and Support. Our cameras are High-Definition, and can be viewed from most smartphones, PCs, MACs, and Tablets. This allows you to take advantage of all of our services at SC Upstate IT. We work on small and large installations alike, so you can be confident that we are capable of handling anything that you require as it pertains to Security Camera Systems. Contact us for more information!
Cloud Computing
Our team isn’t just any old helpdesk. Our IT Service Desk is here help you stay on time and on task. Technology has become vital for the growth of any business. We know that even the smallest hiccup in your business process can derail your productivity. But IT infrastructure can be complex and time-consuming, taking your focus away from other aspects of your business.
Backup & Recovery
Have you lost critical data due to errors, damage or computer problems? This solution will replace management intensive, error-prone backups and external hard drives, while providing much more. It’s completely automatic. With businesses depending more and more on the data stored on their servers, proper and reliable backups with data being moved off-site, is becoming increasingly critical. When it comes to our services, we know, it’s always our problem.
IT Support & Consulting
We take our experiences in life and business to offer the support you want and need to help you get to the next level. Whether you need one time assistance or continuous support, we are here to help you with what you need. We can fix the majority of your problems from our office for fast support, but we will always come onsite if needed, or if our customers prefer. We will assess your current technology and risk exposure, provide specific recommendations based on your technology needs, and work with you to develop a solution that fits your timeline, budget, and business strategy.

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