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Microsoft Office 365 Support

Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, is a group of subscription services from Microsoft that adds onto and enhances the Microsoft Office suite product line. It provides the ability to store and manage the user’s files on the internet. The service also includes features like Intuit QuickBooks Pro, MS Exchange ActiveSync, and Microsoft Sharepoint solutions. These features make Microsoft 365 one of the most popular subscriptions in the market today.

Office 365 enables users to access their emails, documents, calendars, contacts, and tasks wherever they are. This online storage capability of Office 365 was first introduced with the launch of Windows 8. Online storage is only one of the features included with the subscription of Microsoft 365.

There are three basic models of subscription plans for Microsoft 365 subscriptions. There is the Personal subscription which provides several benefits to the user. This package can be tailored to suit the needs of each employee. The price of the subscription is determined according to the number of computer units required for the employee to access their own personal files and documents online. The Business Plus subscription is similar to the Personal plan in that it provides a number of benefits to the subscriber. However, the Business Plus plan provides additional software and desktop apps that are not available with the Personal subscription.

The third category is known as the Enterprise plan which has many advantages to the user. Unlike the Personal plan, this one allows many people to have access to the program. Since there are many people who can access the program at the same time, there will be a lot of updates provided to all the users. This also gives the company more flexibility when it comes to providing software updates and bug fixes to all the users.

Office 365 offers companies and organizations serious productivity, which is why support for it is necessary along with it.

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