Computer Repair Tips and Tricks: Enriching Your Computer World Experience – Greenville, SC

Computer Repair Tips and Tricks: Enriching Your Computer World Experience – Greenville, SC

Computer Repair – Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC –  Tough computers have become an important part of our daily life; we still are unaware of certain facts about this electronic machine and software installed in it. No matter whether you are new to use a PC or you have been using it since years, you still face certain circumstances where you get stuck and look here and there for answers which could satisfy you the most.

It’s not just the computer professional who can deal with computers. Even if you don’t have ample of knowledge, few of the computer related trips and tricks are enough to give you a chance to enhance the computer usage experience and come out of the glitch.
So, let’s explore some Window 7 tips that are sure to guide you to tune your PC’s software and make your world more interactive and intelligent.
· Strange behavior: If any part of your window is working indifferently and you are ignorant of the reason you can try resolving it at your personal level. Click Control Panel and then click fix problems to troubleshoot for the issue. It simply checks system settings, clean up the drives and much more to fix the problem.

· Booting issues: If you face problems booting the operating system you need to create an emergency bootable system repair disk. All you need to do is click Start> Maintenance>create a system repair disk. It proves very useful when the worst startup condition occur.

· Increasing battery life: Run command prompt on your system and type ‘powercfg-energy’ and hit return. Window will display results for improving power efficiency in form of html file which you can also opened in text document for better understanding.

· Open Locked files: Whenever any of your file or document, in Window 7, gets locked up due to some reason Open the resource monitor and click start type RESMON and click RESMON.EXE link. Find the locked process and right click on it to select analyze wait chain. Click end process to recover the locked application.

· Protecting data: You can turn on the bitLocker option for the disk drives or USB flash drives to restrict access by setting a password. The only one who knows the password will be able to open the drive and view the content.

· Turn off recent searches: If you don’t want everybody to get details about what you searched recently in windows explorer you can turn off the display of recent searches. Run gpedit.msc and go to User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows component>Windows Explorer and then turn off display.

· Hold back shift key: To open up a program without going to the start menu you can click on the program you wish to open and the hold back shift key for few seconds. It is the faster method to open any application.

· Starting explorer from “my computer”: Navigate to windows explorer in the start menu and change the properties. Make your target as ‘%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe/root,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2DA-08002B30309D}. This will directly display my computer as you start the explorer.

With such knowledgeable tips and information you can easily alter your system according to your needs and interests make the computer world more energetic and exciting.

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